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Our Services

Look through what best describes your needs. In most cases more than one service is required. If you are unsure and would like us to assess, an 'Operation Evaluation', is highly recommended.

Services are charged hourly and our affordable rates may vary depending on your specific needs and budget.

Waiters at Work

Personnel Training

Such a critical necessity for a successful operation. This alone can reduce labor cost, uplift team morale and empower your employees to take the best care of your guests. We are certified in effective training technique and  have 30 years of knowledge to share.

Menu Engineering

Food, Wine or Beverage.

Food and beverage costs drastically effect your bottom line. Menus are your road map to entice guests, define your brand or vision and dictate, ultimately your profitability. 

Operation Evaluation

Highly Recommended. This is how we can assess in detail what further actions or services are necessary to reach success.

Based on 3 'secret shops' of your location. A 10 hour commitment.

Vendor Assessment

Your Vendor relationships are golden. Products delivered on time, consistently of high quality, and offered at best pricing is very important. We have those contacts and can best advise based on your needs. 

Labor and Productivity Study

Typically the biggest expence on your profit and loss report. It has to be controlled. This study will see where savings can be made and how.

Buildout and Space Design

Without contradicting your vision we will advise based on practical service execution and Guest comfort. Color palate, lighting, sights and sounds carry a significant psychological effect on staff and guests.

Concept and Marketing

Use our wealth of knowledge and experience both in the US and Europe to guide you to a conducive concept and find your audience. We will help you find the secret sauce to get you noticed.

Critical Path Planning

Sometimes all we need is to get organized in a timely fashion. We have a template that will help keep you on task and get you to where you need to be.

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